Citrus Baby Onsie - Handprinted
Citrus Baby Onsie - Handprinted

Citrus Baby Onsie - Handprinted

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Introducing : Baby Onsie 🍊
Read about the process below!

Recently I've been learning the art of Block Printing Fabrics. The process is very time consuming and comes with its learning curves but the outcome sure is fun!

The Process
Step 1 - decide a design
Step 2 - sketch and Carve design on the rubber block
Step 3 - Test the design on paper and fix areas needing extra carving
Step 4 - prepare fabric for printing & begin printing
Step 5 - Allow fabric to cure for 7 days before use!

Last its Ready to be loved and worn. These are made to be washed and worn. The printed onsie will be prelaundered and the ink is made to withstand both the washer and dryer. For extended longevity flip the garment inside out when laundered.

These handprinted items will be more of novelty items in my studio and online. If you want to order a specific size you can message me and ill send you a quote. Onsies start at $18.50

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